Savva Kerdemelidis

Savva Kerdemelidis

Principal Legal Adviser

EULAW Online provides your business with a “virtual” in-house legal adviser. Most companies benefit from having regular legal advice, but cannot justify the expense of an in-house lawyer or law firm. Our purpose is to address this gap in the market by making legal services more accessible. Savva has established EULAW Online because he believes this is the best way for clients to receive ongoing legal services.

Savva specialises in commercial and IP law, advising software and technology companies internationally (including in the US and EU) for over the last decade. He has an LLM (1:1 Hons) and BSc (2:1 Hons) from the University of Canterbury (NZ). He demonstrates a proven ability to work with people at all levels of a business, from operational staff to management.

Savva is a registered New Zealand and Australian Patent Attorney and was admitted as a lawyer in New Zealand (2004) and Australia (2013). He is a member of the Society for Computers and Law, Google Campus London, Cambridge Network and the Canterbury Software Cluster. He is a fellow at the Sapience Project, a public policy institute concerned with the disruptive impact of AI on the economy and society. He is also the Founder and Chairperson of the Crowd Funded Cures, a non-profit organisation dedicated to crowdfunding clinical trials for therapies that lack adequate incentives for development under the current patent system.

Advising a NZ/UK software development company with regard to a £4 million enterprise website development agreement with major UK bank.
Advising a Belgian medical device manufacturer regarding a major European distribution agreement with Biomet and Med-Hold, strategic IP filing, and regulatory compliance with applicable law.
Conducting multiple IP workshops for clients to identify and secure valuable new IP, and working closely with engineers to draft patent applications over core technology.
Advising a multinational software development company and assisting with due diligence regarding a sale of IP for US$9 million to major US gaming company.
In-house management of large IP portfolio of 50+ patents and 100+ trademarks, including the prosecution of patents in New Zealand, Australia, United States, and Europe.

Company Secretary and Professional Director, drafting board packs and minutes, and ensuring regulatory compliance with company and securities law.

A Virtual Firm

As a “virtual” firm, our reduced overheads mean significantly reduced fees for our clients.

Forward Thinking

As legal advisers, not solicitors, we are a more flexible and cost-effective legal service provider.

Problem Solvers

Fixed fees ensure that we are incentivised to solve our client’s problems, not create them.

Highly Responsive

Our legal advisers are online and mobile, so our clients have legal support when needed.

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