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The same expert legal advice...minus the executive office, the expensive suit, the fancy corporate car...and minus the unnecessary fees that go with it.

EULAW Online is an online legal consulting firm specialised in commercial and intellectual property law. We can assist you with specific legal issues and draft legal documents on a fixed fee basis. We can also provide your business with a “virtual” In-house Legal Adviser on a part-time basis for ongoing legal support. As Legal Advisers that work online, not solicitors in a law firm, EULAW Online represents the next generation of legal services. Get in touch to find out more.

Commercial Law

We provide timely and affordable legal advice for commercial and contractual matters in order to achieve your business goals and minimise risk.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) prevents others from stealing your valuable work. We help our clients secure IP protection including patents and trademarks.


We assist manufacturers with establishing their supply and distribution networks using robust contractual agreements with key partners.


We draft and review employment contracts and help manage employment relationship disputes. We also help your business comply with applicable law.

Medical Devices

We have regularly worked with medical device companies and have the technical background and understanding to assist with their legal challenges.

Software & Technology

Our legal advisers work with international software/IT/technology companies to help them raise capital and achieve their commercial goals.
Savva has been our legal counsel for over 4 years, and has always provided us with practical, actionable legal advice. He’s our “one-stop-shop” from routine matters to complex enterprise level software agreements, corporate restructuring, and securing new IP. I’d recommend him as a fantastic asset for any company, whether in start-up or growth phase. It would be difficult to find another legal advisor with the same level of legal expertise combined with deep knowledge of the technology sector. Adam Lyness

Engineering Director, Intranel Limited

Savva handles all the legal documentation and regulatory issues for my medical device importation business. He is a highly knowledgable, responsive and trusted legal advisor who finds practical solutions to problems as they arise. He also has a technical background that allows him to communicate effectively with specialists. I would recommend Savva to any business requiring expert legal advice. John Veale

Optometrist, Dry Eye Technology Limited

Some of our clients

Trade Marks vs Other Types of IP: What’s the Difference?

Trade marks are a very cost-effective and powerful tool which businesses often overlook when starting a new venture. In some ways, trade marks are the ultimate form of IP protection, because if granted, they allow you to monopolise the public’s association between certain words or a logo and your business.

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10 of the Most Important Clauses to Put in Your Shareholder Agreement

Starting a new business has many risks, including failure to achieve a viable business model with product/market fit, excessive competition, economic downturns, lack of cashflow/runway, hiring risks, delays in delivery and technical risks. However, one of the largest risks and most common cause for business failure is due to disputes between shareholders.

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Do you have Legal ‘Viruses’ in your Code?

Most developers I speak to are under a lot pressure to deliver. They borrow code from ‘open source’ libraries and think they are free to use it in their deliverables. They don’t have time to read software licences. For many of them, English is a second language, and even native speakers cannot be expected to understand the nuances of contractual interpretation, particularly under ‘multi-licensed’ software with conflicting terms.

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